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"send to device" widget moving text to search bar


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Hello friends. In attempting to use the send to device widget on the about:home page, I encountered what appears to be a bug. 

On Firefox 43.0.3 in both Windows 10 and Mac OS, when I try to type anything in the box for filling out my email address or phone number, the cursor is magically moved up to the search box when I type a character. I have captured a video of the problem and will attach it in a subsequent post.
Here's the video from an unlisted YouTube post.
I am seeing this on MacOSX as well.
This snippet has been disabled. I am going to look into it.
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I have disabled these snippets. Not sure what happened and if it has anything to do with the new release. 

Giorgos can you please help investigate? It pertains to:
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Nevermind, Cory will help look into it. Thanks Cory.
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Okay, so bug 1204836 landed in Fx 43. This bug updated about:home such that any keypress will change focus to the search box. 

In addition to this snippet, it will break any other snippet which we have textboxes that accept user input.

I will open a bug to request we revert this behavior.
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