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[e10s] On shutdown content crashes can occur without submission means


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Content crashes only get submitted through the tab UI but this can already be removed by the time such crashes occur.

My speculation is that these may be accounting for ~40% of crashes showing up in telemetry. Bug 1222890

Also my speculation is most are killhards after hitting dom.ipc.tabs.shutdownTimeoutSecs.
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What we need here is some sort of UX that opens in a tab on startup that gives the user the chance to approve the submit.
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Redirecting this to Bram while I'm out so that it's not blocked on me...
Could we just open the crash reporter in a background tab on startup?
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Is it reasonable to move this “Report errors like this to Mozilla” interface to about:sessionrestore?

It should be a checkbox like that which is present on this page:

When you check it, we automatically send a report. When you uncheck it, we stop sending (of course, we still send the error you just reported, but we won’t send the next one).

The benefit: for users, there’s no need to click “Submit” every single time. For us, we’ll get more crash data.

If not, let’s go with Philipp’s idea on comment 2: open the crash reporter UI on startup. As long as it’s not annoying or blocking user from continuing his task, it’s all good.
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Would need to take account of browser.sessionstore.max_resumed_crashes if using session restore.
Possibility of there being more than one crash report.
If there are more than one crash report, how shall we handle it? I think we can still use the same interface, but there are a few things to consider:

* Is it more helpful to us to get more data from both reports, instead of just one?
* Or is it more confusing for the user if we say “Click to submit reports from all recent crashes”?
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Duplicate of bug: 1269998
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