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Prefer VP9 over vp8 by default in createOffer() in WebRTC


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Note that really the optimal solution would be to dynamically choose codecs according to bandwidth *and* CPU use.  Low-perf devices with plenty of bandwidth may prefer VP8/H264, or if they have a HW codec for vp8/264.  When bandwidth is low, VP9 may be best even if it uses more CPU.  When maxing out on bandwidth, VP8/264 may be better due to less CPU, and negligible gains for switching to a more-efficient codec, unless it's to reduce bandwidth at the same quality.

All that said, the first step is to prefer VP9 in offers (when we're preffed on).
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Give VP9 priority over vp8 when both are enabled

Whomever I get first...
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Give VP9 priority over vp8 when both are enabled

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(In reply to Randell Jesup [:jesup] from comment #7)
> This followup landed under a different bug number: (cpp unittest fix)

sorry about that. Should have not typed the bug number manually
The following documentation has been updated to note that VP9 is now the default video format for new RTCPeerConnection offers.

Please advise if there are concerns left about this, docs-wise.
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