Investigate hardware rendering on RPi2



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2 years ago
Currently, upstream (AOSP/RPi2) hardware rendering looks to be in pretty bad shape. Let's investigate this and help fixing upstream if needed.


2 years ago
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UPDATE: I could finally make GFX stack work (mostly). This is how it works.
* We have a kernel (4.2.1) with patches for the VC4 GPU, via DRM drivers. I needed to patch it [1] to support one of the pixel format we use in Gecko with the boot animation [2].
* We are using Eric Anholt's drm_gralloc fork, because it has the patches for VC4 support, but the drm_gralloc fork version is outdated. I needed to patch this gralloc [3] version: to support newer kernel DRM drivers mostly, to add support for other pixel formats and to accommodate our build system.
* We are using freedesktop Mesa library implementation for OpenGLES on it's latest release. In this release, there's not a good Android support yet (is coming for next releases..) so I needed to patch it [4] because Gecko is relying on this support for the GFX stack. I fixed some other pixel format related stuff and build system integration as well.

Problems detected so far:
* There are glitches rendering some of the components in Gaia. These are probably happening because there's not a good support for pitch alignment in the gralloc component [5].
* We are not using hardware VSYNC because this is implemented via HWComposer on Android, but the HWComposer we have is v1.0, which is not supported by Gecko.

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