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Implement Topline Metrics




3 years ago
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Firefox Tracking Flags

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3 years ago

- Instrument retention probes  

  - Retention, MAU, Time spent (Adjust?)
  - How many people are using Private Browsing  

  - Search counts?  

**User Stories:**

- As a product/eng/UX manager, I want to be able to see how often something is used / tapped / invoked in order to make better product/implementation/design decisions.
- As a user, I want to ensure my privacy isn't violated with the implementation of /\*any\*/ system or function.

**Acceptance Criteria:**

- Signed off by the Firefox data steward
- Signed off by Legal
- Data can be plugged into the existing Mozilla framework for dissemination
- Reference probe(s) work, testing the whole system

**Additional Info:**

- Can we have a probe informing us when a Private Session tab has been pressed (and nothing further about the PB session)?  

- Need a clear set of rules / guidelines on what would require a data steward review before landing a probe
Depends on: 1266476
Depends on: 1271378
Depends on: 1271380
Depends on: 1274070

Comment 1

2 years ago
The user story description in this bug is inaccurate.  We don't measure taps.  Stefan, can you note in this bug a description of what is measured and then resolve it?  

Flags: needinfo?(sarentz)
As of Firefox for iOS v5.0 we have implemented the following two types of telemetry:

Search Counts

Session Times

We do not measure UI telemetry (taps) in v5.0.
Flags: needinfo?(sarentz)
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