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The provisional desktop UI code was removed in bug 1243089 which should leave some unused code in toolkit/identity/ and maybe dom/identity/.

I'm not sure if FxOS was still using some BrowserID/Persona code or was only using FxA but with Persona shutting down I'm guessing Persona code will get getting removed there too.

Fernando, are you still involved with FxOS identity code to know what can be cleaned up? If you know what try syntax I can use to test m-c removals with existing Gaia that would also help.
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I am not actively working on that code anymore, but I can try to give some guidance.

FxOS is currently using most part of the navigator.mozId DOM implementation [1] and only the FxA related bits of the toolkit implementation, specifically [2]. I think we can safely remove all the toolkit/identity code except for [2] and its dependencies (looks like it only depends on [3]). I wouldn't touch the dom/identity part.

We would also need to remove the b2g specific bits for Persona [4][5][6], but that can be done in another bug.

Try syntax: try: -b do -p linux64-mulet,emulator,linux64_gecko -u xpcshell,mochitests,mochitest-chrome,marionette-webapi,gaia-build,gaia-build-unit,gaia-linter,gaia-unit,gaia-ui-test-functional,gaia-ui-test-oop,gaia-ui-test-unit,gaia-js-integration -t none

Note that b2g was moved to tier-3 so you'll need to show the hidden jobs in treeherder.

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dom/identity was removed in bug 1309030, so I don't think there's much left to do here once bug 1313045 is resolved.
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