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Provide options for users to view URL on TV Web Apps listings


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base on latest discussion with various groups, we should add an option for users to "view URL" on TV Web Apps listings
+1 for Tori's Option # 3 - "Place URL inside option menu"

I think this approach would be best, given the URLs we have today. For illustration, here is an example of two of our current content URLs:

Cliggo -
Bust A Move -
blocking-b2g: --- → 2.5+
Whiteboard: [ft:conndevices]
Hi Tori,
Could you update the UX spec to reflect this so Joseph can work on that?
Flags: needinfo?(tchen)
Please check the updated spec here (v2.3 p26~27)
Flags: needinfo?(tchen) → needinfo?(jocheng)
Blocks: 1250032
Comments from previous discussion in email thread for record


Joe: #3 looks good, like what we discussed in the morning

Michael: +1 for Option 3 - "Place URL in option menu"

Elvin:  For the interim, the URL should be 'visible' to users, but we should process that URL as we would in any other context. Longer term something like Option 1 or 2 would be preferred as it makes most clear who is responsible for the content and sets users expectations right off the bat.
No longer blocks: 1250032
Joseph, please checkout this spec and see if there is any missing piece. Question: for hosted app, do we know their launch URL in manifest from server side?
Assignee: nobody → jyeh
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Blocks: 1250057
Yes, api will give us the url of the hosted app.

However, in the spec p26, I'm not sure if we can change the text of ok button in a native confirm dialog. Or should this be handled by the system app?
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After discussion with Luke and Ricky, it seems to be more appropriate to handled by the system app.
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Please help this, this is priority 1. Thanks
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Priority: -- → P1
After offline discussion, I will be a mentor for this issue helping mentee work on smart-system part.
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Hi Evelyn,
PLease help assign developer on this bug. Thanks
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Blocks: TV_P1
Let's take option 3.
@tori, please provide your UX spec here, so Joseph can start working on it. Thanks!
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Here is the latest ux spec (V2.5, p26.27), thanks!
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Hi Luke, this patch will add a context menu to show the link of the website. Please take a look at it, thanks!
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Nice work!
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Landed in gaia master.
Closed: 8 years ago
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[Bug caused by] (feature/regressing bug #):1248853
[User impact] if declined: cannot see url of the website
[Testing completed]: Yes
[Risk to taking this patch] (and alternatives if risky): Low
[String changes made]: Yes
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Approve for TV 2.5
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