Upgrading nss-vm-darwin10-1.community.scl3.mozilla.com to a newer version



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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Please delay this work until after bug 1255114 has been completed.

In addition to the VM mentioned in bug 1255114, 
NSS uses another OSX VM (Parallels) that Mozilla has provided.

The hostname is nss-vm-darwin10-1.community.scl3.mozilla.com

It's a 64 bit VM, currently running OSX 10.6, Darwin 10

We don't need two VMs running the same version of OSX.
After the work in bug 1255114 has been completed, it would be great to upgrade the VM with hostname nss-vm-darwin10-1 to a newer version of OSX.

Which version should be used?

In my opinion, we should use the version, that is the answer to the following question:

After Mozilla decides to no longer support OSX 10.6, what will likely be the oldest version of OSX that Mozilla will still support?

Martin, are you able to predict, which version that might be?

(I'm guessing, Mozilla still supports OSX 10.6, because it was the last version of OSX that still supports 32 bit hardware.)

After bug 1255114 has been completed, and once we have a recommendation which 64-bit version of OSX NSS should test, could you please upgrade nss-vm-darwin10-1 to that newer version of OSX?
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I can't predict the version that we will move to, but it is possible that we could skip a version.  10.7 and 10.8 have less market share than 10.6, though maybe we'd be conservative.
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Based on this:
maybe we should use OSX 10.9

Comment 3

2 years ago
Marking as wontfix, because of the change of plans described in bug 1255114 comment 39.

We should keep this 64-bit darwin10 machine running until the end of life of Firefox ESR 45.
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