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[webvr] Enable WebVR API in Release


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WebVR is enabled by default in non-release, behind the dom.vr.enabled preference.

Before WebVR can be enabled in release builds, we would like to implement the WebVR 1.0 API which breaks compatibility with the current API.  (Bug 1250244)

Any additional bugs that block release will be added to this one.
Just checked that WebVR is not enabled by default in Beta or Release. Before landing in Beta we will need to have a statement and FAQ ready so please include PMM and Comms in this process. 

QA Contact: cornel.ionce
Whiteboard: [gfx-noted]
Summary: [webvr] Enable WebVR in Release → [webvr] Enable WebVR 1.0 API in Release
I have removed the "1.0" from the summary to be agnostic of version.  We are now starting implementation of WebVR 1.1
Summary: [webvr] Enable WebVR 1.0 API in Release → [webvr] Enable WebVR API in Release
WebVR is already enabled by default in non-release builds of Firefox and actively used in Nightly and DevEdition by end users.

We wish to initially enable WebVR in release Builds with Firefox 51 through Test Pilot.  (Bug 1305879)

Enabling WebVR by default in release without Test Pilot is blocked by having automated test coverage.  In order to enable automated test coverage without physical VR hardware attached, we will implement a "puppet" OpenVR driver external to the Browser that can emulate the variety of hardware and events that are needed to perform the tests.
See Also: → 1305879
Bug 1229464 tracks testability of WebVR.  Once this Bug lands, we can enable WebVR by default in release builds by default.
Depends on: 1229464
Is WebVR already enabled in Chrome? Just curious. Thanks!
(In reply to Alex Salkever from comment #5)
> Is WebVR already enabled in Chrome? Just curious. Thanks!
:cvan has created a web site that tracks the implementation status of multiple browsers supporting webvr.  I'd suggest you check it out for the latest details:

At the time of this comment, WebVR is enabled in adhoc Chromium Experimental builds, which are linked from

Chrome support is expected in Q1 2017.
Microsoft and Samsung are also implementing support in their own browsers.
Kip, Casey, 

Sent you an email to review the Test Pilot experiment timing and value prop. Want to review questions for things like other browser support, hardware availability, experiment KPIs and messaging. 

Going into GA in Test Pilot is a big deal and we need to support that effort with a nicely crafted comms plan.
Whiteboard: [gfx-noted] → [gfx-noted][webvr]
Component: Graphics → WebVR
We have enabled WebVR by default for Windows to ride the trains with Firefox 55.  With Project Dawn in effect, this will be riding directly to Beta.  If you haven't yet been contacted by someone from the VR team, please reach out to @larsberg or myself for Comms, Statement, and FAQ.

WebVR will be riding the trains to release normally, without TestPilot.
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Setting this to ddc - I've completely updated the WebVR ref docs to 1.1:

and mentioned it in the release note for Fx55:
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