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[tracking] [webvr] Enable WebVR in Firefox 51 with TestPilot


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Firefox 51 includes WebVR 1.0 support behind the dom.vr.enabled preference.

WebVR is already very useful, with growing content available; however, is not yet enabled by default in production builds due to incomplete test coverage.

We would like to turn on the dom.vr.enabled preference through TestPilot to allow early access to users in production builds.  This preference has been enabled for a few months in non-release builds.

Setting this preference will allow users to use the Oculus Rift on WebVR 1.0 sites.
HTC Vive support is also included in Firefox 51; however, the closed-source binary runtime "openvr_api.dll" would need to be installed by end users manually.  Changes to this dll are expected by the end of October, so that it can be redistributed with Firefox.  The same preference, dom.vr.enabled, will also enable HTC Vive support in Firefox 53/54.
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Summary: [webvr] Enable WebVR in Firefox 51 with TestFlight → [webvr] Enable WebVR in Firefox 51 with TestPilot
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Summary: [webvr] Enable WebVR in Firefox 51 with TestPilot → [tracking] [webvr] Enable WebVR in Firefox 51 with TestPilot
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If we have tests including mochitests in Bug 1229479 implemented, then we would not need to use TestPilot for release and could enable by default for everyone, IIRC.  Should Bug 1229479 be a dependency for TestPilot as well?
The plan is now to release WebVR 1.1 support by enabling by default in Firefox 54 and letting it ride the trains to release.

Closing this bug as we won't be using TestPilot for this.
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