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Add a combo function that does both set_config and set_define in moz.configure


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From bug 1257104 comment 15, about set_config and set_define:
> Feels like we should grow a combo function that does both of these since we use it all over the place.

That's actually tricky. set_define is a template defined in util.configure, and set_config is a function that is only available to @depends functions, and that is bound to a different instance of DependsOutput for each such function, so it can't be called from a template without being passed down to that template.

A random thought of something ugly that would work, though, is something like:
set_define('FOO', 'bar', also=set_config)

which, despite the ugliness, actually has the advantage of still responding to grep set_define and grep set_config...

I think I'd be happier if we could work the mechanics to have `set_config_and_define('FOO', '1')`, but I can live with your proposal.
Blocks: pyconfigure-infra
No longer blocks: pyconfigure
Depends on: 1257823
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
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