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[meta] Replace configure with a Python script


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Our configure script is slow and hard to maintain. We'd like to convert it to a Python script.

glandium's proposal:
Alias: pyconfigure
Depends on: 1250294
Keywords: meta
Summary: Replace configure with a Python script → [meta] Replace configure with a Python script
Depends on: 1250296
Depends on: 1250301
Attached file pyconfigure (obsolete) —
> glandium's proposal:

I have attached a copy, just in case the pastebin disappears.
Comment on attachment 8722237 [details]

The content of the pastebin is largely outdated. The corresponding (and more up-to-date) info is now in bug 1247836.
Attachment #8722237 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Depends on: 1257516
Depends on: 1257541
Depends on: 1257542
Depends on: 1257607
No longer depends on: 1257516
No longer depends on: 1256571
No longer depends on: 1256573
No longer depends on: 1257049
No longer depends on: 1257421
No longer depends on: 1257685
Depends on: 1257689
No longer depends on: 1254459
Depends on: 1257904
No longer depends on: 1257541
Depends on: 1266368
Depends on: 1275721
Depends on: 1283830
Depends on: 1262164
Product: Core → Firefox Build System

This proposal rised 4 years ago, I wonder if would make sense to use meson (python3 based build system) instead own solution.

In terms of performance is mostly superior to other systems, readability is very good and is well known in community [1].


Sorry for kinda break-in into meta-bug, but since it closely related, I thought it would make sense to mention it and could allow more people which aren't focused on Firefox development to contribute with patches and maybe easier to maintain.

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