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[tracking] Construct a funnel dashboard for Stub Attribution that allows us to inspect the funnel in close to realtime


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This is a tracking bug to support all work involved with creating these dashboards.

Initial metrics noted:

Campaign clicks (logs/GA)
Download clicks (bouncer logs)
Install success (stub install ping)
Firstrun (UT activation ping)
Ongoing churn and engagement (UT main pings)

Full project plan can be found on the Wiki
Opening this bug up for now. Please restrict it if you find necessary.
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Hi guys - how goes progress on this bug?
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I have added section 8 in this doc for the mock up, and have sent it to cmore to review:
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Adding the dashboard mock-ups for Stub Attribution. These have been approved by cmore, and reviewed by BDS.
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josephine: will you be creating these dashboards for us? The data is coming through the main Telemetry ping (bug 1292360).
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There was an email that went around about using re:dash for this since we can use an existing data source.

In that email we also discussed the possibility of using some additional logic[0] on the reporting side. NI ckprice to followup on these with katie/mark.

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This bug served its purpose in creating an approved mockup of the dashboard in comment 4. Creating of the dashboard is happening in bug 1309290.
Closed: 3 years ago
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