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[GTK3] less padding in buttons


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Steps to reproduce:

Look at a <button> in Firefox 45 vs 44. (<input type="submit"> and the like also work.

Actual results:

Button is very wide and has lots of empty space between the button contents and the edge of the button.  Ff45 button is wider than normal GTK button.  Ff44 is smaller than both.

Expected results:

Less wide button.

I think this is related to the change for bug1257811 which adds GTK border sizes to the widget twice:
The double usage was exposed by bug1257811 when it took the inhtml check out.
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OS: Unspecified → Linux
Product: Firefox → Core
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Blocks: gtk3
I think the inhtml check was removed in
but AFAIK the border is only added once.  Border and padding are additive.

How does the new padding compare to that in togglebutton in gtk3-widget-factory, or in the buttons of the "save page" dialog?
I see 1px difference between system button size (28px) and inhtml Firefox button size (29px). System Fedora 22, gtk3-3.16.7.

It may be caused by different font metrics in Firefox, AFAIK we have a bug for that somewhere but I can't find it now.
Depends on: 1269108
No longer depends on: 1269108
See Also: → 1269108
Keywords: polish
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