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Create a tag for OriginAttribute mochitests


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We want to tag all the containers/origin attributes related tests, so that we can selectively run these tests as we work through the backlog of origin attributes bugs.
QA Contact: ptheriault
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QA Contact: ptheriault
This patch is more about ContextIdentity UI or ContextIdentity features starting from an UI iteration.
I don't know where all the other tests are located.
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I'm still looking for other relevant tests. I don't see any others but I'll check with some more people before i submit this.
Tanvi/Dave, what was your thinking on this. Did we only want to tag new tests? Or do we want to go back and tag all the tests were changed as part of the origin attribute work. If that latter, I think the following is a comprehensive list of tests changed by origin related bugs which block bug 1191418. 

Would we want to tag all of these? Some are very relevant, like the caps ones, but others less so. 

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Have we discussed which tests should have the tag [OA]?
Gijs mentioned in
He said [OA] is confusing maybe we should use [originattributes] for this?
We should have two tags, 'contextualidentity' and 'originattributes'.

Then we can go about this in two ways:
1) All originattributes tests would also be flagged for contextualidentity.  So to test containers, we'd only need to do './mach test contextualidentity'.

2) OriginAttribute tests would be flagged by 'originattribute'.  Tests that test usercontextid specifically and the containers user experience would be marked 'contextualidentity'.  So to test containers, we'd need to do './mach test contextualidentity && ./mach test originattribute'.

For tor isolation patches that are not originattribute specific, we should create a third tag 'tor-isolation'.  We'd end up with the same question we have now... should all originattributes tests also be marked 'tor-isolation'.  This will become quite a lot of tags for some tests, but I suppose there is no harm in that:
tags=originattributes contextualidentity tor-isolation

I lean towards method 1), since a long tag may help better explain the purpose of the test.  This might help if a test is about to be disabled in the future for intermittent failures.

So, create two tags.  Tag everything that has to do with originattributes as originattributes and contextualidentity.  Tag everything that has to do with usercontext and containers UI as contextualidentity.

For the bugs you have listed Paul, you will need to look at each one and see how to appropriately tag them.  Without knowing the bug number corresponding to the test you listed, its hard to say how they should be tagged.  For example, I'm not sure why js/xpconnect/tests/components/native/xpctest_params.cpp is on the list.  We can of course help you out with this and can discuss more in our Tuesday meeting.
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Tim: this was listed as "domsecurity-active" but doesn't appear to be actively worked on. Are you going to work on this in the next quarter or should we put it in the backlog?
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Let's put this into backlog.
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