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Duplicate devices in Synced Tabs


(Firefox for iOS :: Sync, defect, P3)




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fxios-v1.0 --- ?
fxios-v3.0 --- affected
fxios-v4.0 --- affected
fxios-v5.0 --- affected
fxios 10.0 ---


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(Whiteboard: [device-manager] [MobileCore])

1. Sign in with the same FxA on two iOS devices
2. Open a few tabs on each device then sync between devices 
3. On first device, sign out/sign in with the same FxA
4. Sync again on both devices 
5. Check the 'Synced Tabs' panel on the second device  

Result: On the second device, in 'Synced Tabs' panel, the first device will be duplicated  

There are discussion about fixing this issue on Android and Desktop here:
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Mark, is this something we should deal with in Firefox for iOS?
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(In reply to Stefan Arentz [:st3fan] from comment #1)
> Mark, is this something we should deal with in Firefox for iOS?

Probably - IMO users are not likely to actually hit this as they don't regularly disconnect then reconnect devices. However, desktop did it in the referenced bugs by doing simple stripping of devices that have another device with the same name and haven't synced in over a week - which isn't perfect, but possibly better than nothing.
Flags: needinfo?(markh)
We believe this should be fixed by using fxa's device manager registration work.
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [device-manager]
Whiteboard: [device-manager] → [device-manager] [MobileAS]
Duplicate of this bug: 1341796
Whiteboard: [device-manager] [MobileAS] → [device-manager] [MobileCore]
Rank: 3 → 1
See Also: → 1401585
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