Prototyping a external renderer for GMP by other media player on Linux




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2 years ago
I'd like to setup a non-firefox playback application to act as an GMP external (HW) renderer(even a decoder+renderer) to explore the feasibility of GMP Renderer API.


2 years ago
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2 years ago
Summary: Prototyping a remote renderer for GMP by other media player on Linux → Prototyping a external renderer for GMP by other media player on Linux


2 years ago
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2 years ago
The idea is to
1. Create a GUI application via python + wxPython. [1]
 - To demonstrate the playback window position could be aligned while browser is moving/resizing.
2. Actual playback process is created by MPlayer 1.3.0 [2]
 - To demonstrate the start/stop/pause/seek/playback information could be achieved.
3. Using MplyaerCtrl 0.33 to communicate between 1,2


4. A communication between GMP Child and the GUI application should be developed
 - a) Using named-pipe should be easier and sufficient for demonstration.
 - b) Embedding python interpreter [4] in GMP child so that we don't need to do a), but extra swig implementation may be needed.
No longer blocks: 1146796

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2 years ago
Created attachment 8743345 [details]
[WIP] Python GUI Application which creates mplayer for playback.

With requirement software mentioned above installed. Modify the path for mediaFile then run this file, you can see.

1) A GUI application will be launched,
2) mplayer will start playback.
3) A timer(callback every 100ms) to update the slider thumb(every 1s).

 - Add a IPC namedpipe reader/writer to receive command from GMP child process.
 - Provide function to support window position/size update.
 - Provide functions to support calling mplayer start/stop/pause playback & seek.
 - Notify current playback position back to GMP child.

I'll slow down the prototyping because it's low priority now.
Component: Audio/Video → Audio/Video: GMP
Priority: -- → P5


2 months ago
Assignee: kilik.kuo → nobody
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