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Password save option does not show on and (no <form>)


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Steps to reproduce:

Enter login details on


At least the support page of says that this is a problem of Firefox.

I also tried this using Chrome and there a window asking whether I want to store the login details appears.

Actual results:

There is no window asking whether I want to store the login details.

Expected results:

A window asking whether I want to store the login details.
Component: Untriaged → Password Manager
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
Both of these cases are using bad web development practices as the sites aren't using a <form> submit action and instead are using click and keyup events.

We are going to try use heuristics to work on these sites but ideally the sites should change if they want to work well with all browser features (e.g. form history, Enter key to submit, etc.) and password managers.

If you can contact the sites to fix their markup it would be helpful.
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Summary: Password save option does not show → Password save option does not show on and (no <form>)
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Thanks for the detailed reply. I will contact the sites and tell them about your answer.

In general it would be good to have the password manager working on those sites as well, since unfortunatly some sites use bad practices and some might not be willing to change it.
Component: Password Manager → Password Manager: Site Compatibility

Can you please confirm that this works with tomorrow's Firefox Nightly version now that bug 1287202 is fixed? doesn't seem to work anymore and regular says logins are coming soon. gives a TLS error.


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Thanks for the update!

I will try to test in a few days and let you know. From the sounds it looks very promising that this annoying bug will finally be fixed.

Sorry for my late reply. I had problems to reach the ticketportal website myself which I got sorted out today. I assume that in the meanwhile the changes propagated into the stable Firefox builds. I can confirm that passwords are saved for that website now with Firefox 68.0.1, so this can be closed. Thanks!

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Awesome, thanks!

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