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2 years ago
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2 years ago
When loading a New Tab, there is a gear/Settings icon in the upper right that when clicked opens "New Tab Controls" and allows me to load a blank page instead of the tiles in New Tab.  There is also a third option, "Learn about New Tab," which when clicked loads in another new tab.

Before or after the "Show blank page" option, I'd like an option to "Load homepage."  My homepage is a more customized, usable (for me), and stable alternative to Firefox's tiles; others my with to always load some particular page which is for them a great place to start browsing.

Related bugs: 
Bug 1210290 at least seems to make a same/similar request but focus on Firefox for Android (this request is for non-Android FF), and then the discussion kind of gets off topic.  

Bug 1065424 goes the other way, for people who love the New Tab page so much they want to use that as their homepage.  Bug 1195861 suggests that such functionality is already in place, but buggy.

There are a number of add-ons that provide at least most of the feature requested here, such as, but that one doesn't work when combined with TabGroupsManager and with the upgraded New Tab page, adding "load homepage" seems like a sensible UI option to integrate into the "vanilla" Firefox.  

One can also click the homepage icon to load the homepage, but we can make the process easier by loading it on each new tab (or rather, allowing the user that option).


8 days ago
Duplicate of this bug: 1469031
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