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Add U2F v1.1 support to Firefox for iOS


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U2F requires a token that holds a private/symmetric key securely and provides a test of user presence.  On iOS, we can provide these functions with Keychain and TouchID, respectively.

I will post a PR for this shortly.
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This is a first cut at U2F implementation.  Would love feedback from the iOS team about whether it should be factored differently (Stefan, I assume you can dispatch as appropriate).  For example, we could certainly handle the ECDSA and crypto testing stuff as a separate bug, or the OpenSSLToken parts could be split out into a separate Swift file.
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This is pretty good for a first iteration.

Bad news: we are trying to get rid of the OpenSSL dependency :-)

Does iOS provide the crypto needed? Is ECDSA something it supports?

Is there another (lightweight) implementation that we could use?

We can hold to OpenSSL for a while, but for various reasons we want to get rid of it in the future.

Anything at that we can use or import?
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How do we test this? How do we see this in action? Can you post a link to a (test) site that supports this and some guidance on how to get it going? From a user perspective. has a "canned demo" of what this can look like based on their SDK. As for Testing, is the link to official info on the FIDO Alliance's certification service. There is a detailed document available that explains all the errors that might be encountered during verification.
:st3fan - The simplest, most turn-key test/compliance tool is probably this one:

I have a very trivial tool online at as well.
Note that I don't think works with Fx/iOS because it relies on WebCrypto (which is missing there).  I have been using for my interop testing.

:st3fan - It looks like there might be some stuff there that does ECDSA sign/verify [1], but it's not clear that it does everything we need (e.g., Certificate stuff).  Perhaps we could meet half-way by formatting the ECDSA keys we export in a way that's compatible with what Apple crypto wants to do, but punting the actual use of it to a follow-up?

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Pull request

Thanks, Richard!

I put comments on the Github-side, and this meta-comment:

> I've completed a crypto / spec review of this code; several nits, only a
> couple non-nitty things. I should probably take another look after any
> rework from the iOS review though.

I'm going to feedback+, but I'd like to get an r? after any rework from the other reviews. Thanks!
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There is BLE tests I think if we can use that codes base, we might be able to add BLE support for U2F tokens
See Also: → webauthn
Apple released the access to NFC API on iOS 11, so now it's possible to use U2F via NFC on iOS.
Closing this for now.
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What’s the status on this? I’d love to be able to use my USB-C Yubikey on my USB-C iOS devices, completely independent of BLE considerations!

Is this blocked on crypto work still, or has it officially been sunsetted in favour of WebAuthn?
I think at this point we'd prefer to hook into the Safari API for WebAuthn that appears to be in development. [1]


iOS 13.3 these days supports fido u2f now.

It is possible for Firefox now?

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I don't see it implemented for WKWebView so I am not sure.

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Yeah, it's not yet in WKWebView, so one has to hack around it. It's been strongly implied by the Apple folks that it's coming [0], and I would recommend we wait for actual platform support there.


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