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Context menus have no border (Linux, Gtk3)


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Steps to reproduce:

* Make sure you have a white background, e.g. on the "New Tab" page or on Google
* Open any context-menu, e.g. right-click on a website or open one of the bookmark folders from the bookmark toolbar.

Actual results:

The menu was rendered without any border, so one cannot even tell where the menu ends and the page content begins. I will attach a screenshot demonstrating this.

Expected results:

There should be a border.

This started happening with the update to Firefox 46, i.e., GTK3. Other GTK3 applications have a border just fine; I tried Liferea. I also tried a different GTK3 theme, with the same result -- no border in Firefox' menus.
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Summary: Context menus have no border → Context menus have no border (Linux, Gtk3)
I have a border with GTK 3.16 and Adwaita.

Which GTK3 version is installed, and which themes have you seen demonstrate this problem?
This is with GTK3 3.18.9 on Debian testing. I tried the Adwaita and HighContrast themes. (For some reason, Xfwm crashes when I change the theme, so I didn't really want to try further ones^^).
Confirmed with black themed Gnome/GTK 3.20 on Archlinux, so having a context menu without any borders around, in black.
This is the case for menus from menubar too.

Screenshot can be joined if needed.
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See Also: → 1267759
Same with OpenSUSE 13.2 and default desktop theme on KDE4 (SeaMonkey, own trunk build).
Priority: -- → P4
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Same with debian stable (jessie) and Firefox 50.
Cannot reproduce with firefox 52 and debian stretch with clearlooks-phenix theme.
Indeed with upstream Firefox 52 on Debian testing, the context menu now looks just fine.
Blocks: SM2.49-GTK3
Do you still see this issue? Thanks.
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Seems to be fixed. Thanks!
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Closed: 5 years ago
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Changing resolution to WFM given that neither a patch was produced and checked in here nor another bug referenced which provided the solution. If such a bug exists, please dupe this one to it.
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