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Hide OS X 10.6 jobs on trunk


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Per we no longer need to support OS X 10.6-10.8 on mozilla-central.

In preparation for turning off these jobs, let's demote them from tier-1 so failures on these now unsupported platforms aren't holding back things from landing.

Do note that we currently build on 10.7. So those jobs should still be Tier-1. Also, we'll want to verify that automation job coverage on 10.9+ (I /think/ that's only 10.10) completely overlaps with 10.6-10.8, otherwise we may stop running OS X jobs altogether.
There's no point in demoting them: we're going to shut them off, and we don't care what happens to them in the meantime (hell, we didn't even care what happened to them before the announcement, multiple bustages to webgl and media tests landed recently, and we're just ignoring them).

Hidden on all trunk trees except try, where they already only run if you ask for them, like you should when pushing 48- branches.
Assignee: nobody → philringnalda
Closed: 6 years ago
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Summary: Demote OS X 10.6-10.8 jobs from tier-1 → Hide OS X 10.6 jobs on trunk
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Product: Tree Management → Tree Management Graveyard
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