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[meta] [QX cluster] Consider improvements for hidpi support


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We've made significant progress on support for hidpi display devices, most primary UI has been updated but it's still easy to notice things that should be improved.

* A major area is support for storing hidpi favicons -- bug 492172. Icons cached in the favicon service are generally only available in 16x16 size.

* Supporting @sizes in <link rel=icon> will let us use hidpi icons in more cases (bug 751712).

* The tab curve is still not quite right on hidpi -- bug 995733

* Finishing up hidpi theme work. We need to do some triage in this area, as there are a number of outdated and cross-purpose tracking bugs. The most relevant starting point bug I know of (since I did it ;) is bug 1016543.

* Convert Toolbar.png to SVG, so it scales properly on more display sizes, is easier to update, and simplifies the UX team's workflow. (bug 1054016)
Depends on: 1262982
I just noticed this little one and filed it, maybe it should be here too
this belongs here (isn't there a way/place to see all of these little icons and graphics in 1 place so someone can easily see which are not hidpi friendly?)

and this does too (see the attached screenshot, the one beside the Minimize button is not only the 'old' design but it's no HiDPI either, it looks quite bad)
I must say, this bug needs some attention, that element is very visible to users and it's fairly high priority for UI (I've added an attachment here to make it clear named "blurry old icon")
Attached image blurry old icon.png
Blocks: win-hidpi
Depends on: 1292348
Depends on: 1324206
Depends on: 1336396
Depends on: 1400918
Severity: normal → S3
Summary: [QX cluster] Consider improvements for hidpi support → [meta] [QX cluster] Consider improvements for hidpi support
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