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container images missing from file menu under OSX when there's no windows opened


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While going through bug # 1271516, I noticed that the container icons are missing from the file menu if there's no fx windows opened. I tried getting a regression range, but it seems like this has always been broken:

* Running mozilla-central build for 2016-04-01 <-- BROKEN
* application_buildid: 20160401030216
* application_changeset: 538d248fa252a4100082fd9bc3fdc08d322cda22

* Running mozilla-central build for 2016-03-01 <-- BROKEN
* application_buildid: 20160301030237
* application_changeset: 8ef94be995a453f5c464278c53478ba8c8554f81

* Running mozilla-central build for 2016-02-01 <-- BROKEN
* application_buildid: 20160201030241
* application_changeset: 941033a51983ddec2d99aa9f868a54c0196a4075 

* Running mozilla-central build for 2016-01-01 <-- BROKEN
* application_buildid: 20160101030330
* application_changeset: 22f51211915bf7daff076180847a7140d35aa353

STR: (attached image to illustrate the issue)

* launch any version of m-c
* close all the tabs, m-c will still be running with the menu bar still available
* select File -> New Container Tab
* you'll notice that the images are not being shown
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Priority: -- → P1
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Priority: P1 → P2
This is resolved by: 1275432
Assignee: nobody → jkingston
Depends on: 1275432
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Hi Kamil,

Can you check if this is fixed by bug 1275432, and if it is, mark as closed duplicate?

Thank you!
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> Can you check if this is fixed by bug 1275432, and if it is, mark as closed
> duplicate?

It looks like this is still broken. Container images under OSX have regressed as well. See bug # 1279099.

Test Cases Used:

* OSX 10.11.5 x64
** fx50.0a1 buildID: 20160608030219, changeset: f8ad071a6e14 - Reproducible (images are still not appearing)
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Was unable to replicate with osx, will keep trying.
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Comment on attachment 8761572 [details]
Bug 1272067 - Adding in context menu icons for gtk layout.

Wrong bug id
Attachment #8761572 - Flags: review?(amarchesini)
Is this bug duplicate of bug 844378?
Bug 1279430 (Firefox Nightly 50.0a1 has no icons of Bookmarks Menu and Submenu) is a duplicate of Bug 1279099 (Regression: container images missing from File menu under OSX), so I think Bug 844378 ([Mac] Missing icons of Bookmarks Menu and Submenu when no windows opened) may be a duplicate of this bug.
Can we close this bug worksforme?  Can you confirm it works as intended?  I think this was fixed by backing out the the image cache bug
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This and Bug 1279099 were resolved by the backout, checked to confirm on nightly mac.
Closed: 5 years ago
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Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Again, this is a UI bug, so no need for test pilot uplift?
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I also checked and ensured that the images are present using the STR from comment #0:

* fx50.0a1 buildid: 20160704160933, changeset: f378a56b25ce tip (--enable-debug)
* fx50.0a1 buildid: 20160704030211, changeset: 39dffbba7642

Went through the following OS's:

* OSX 10.11.5 x64 - PASSED
* OSX 10.9.5 x64 - PASSED
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