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Use unprefixed Fullscreen API in video document


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We revert video documents to use prefixed Fullscreen API in bug 1273468 because we disabled unprefixed Fullscreen API in content for release versions by default in bug 1268749, and video documents do not have chrome permission just like normal content.

Eventually, we want to use unprefixed Fullscreen API in that document again once we can stably enable the unprefixed API in content in bug 1269276.
Has this landed?
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No, I don't think so. We should land it. Actually, we should try to get rid of any usage of prefixed API internally (except test explicitly testing the prefixed API).
Keep the ni? for now, and see if I can find some time to work on this.
Thank you for your response.

Wasn't sure if it was duplicated somewhere else.
No. Basically, it's:

It's interesting that the code in videocontrols.js and videocontrols.xml seem to be duplicate. It seems the one in .js is newly migrated in bug 1431255. Tim, is there any reason we still need to keep the code around in videocontrols.xml?
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We will need videocontrols.xml until bug 1507895. If UA Widgets ships in 65 without incidents that will happen in 66.
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OK, thanks! Let's make it depend on that one so that there can be one fewer place to update :)
Depends on: 1507895
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Use unprefixed Fullscreen API in video document / widgets. r=jaws
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