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Implement CustomElementsRegistry get function


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According to session 4.13.4[1], we need to implement CustomElementsRegistry get function.

(I'm marking all the Custom Elements bugs as "backlog" but that's just to indicate they're not something we're fixing urgently and no comment on priority or anything.)
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Bug 1275838 - Implement CustomElementsRegistry get function.

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need dom peer review: remote: WebIDL file dom/webidl/CustomElementsRegistry.webidl altered in changeset f0c053165318 without DOM peer review
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Bug 1275838 - Implement CustomElementsRegistry get function. r=wchen

I forgot to ask DOM peer review. 
Hi Olli, 
Could you help to review my patch? Thank you.
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Bug 1275838 - Implement CustomElementsRegistry get function. r=wchen

r+ for the .webidl
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Implement CustomElementsRegistry get function. r=smaug, r=wchen
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Closed: 7 years ago
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I've made sure this method is documented:

I've also added a note to the Fx52 release notes:

Let me know if this is OK. Thanks!
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