Please turn off the replication set up in bug 1246965



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2 years ago
The replication in bug 1246965 has served its purpose (bootstraping a new RDS DB instance) so can be turned off. (It's actually failed recently, so has already stopped, but what be good to turn it off for real.

Note: We'll be wanting to set up similar replication for another node in the future, so don't undo anything that would make that easier.

Many thanks!
I've stopped replication on the RDS instance.

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2 years ago
(In reply to Kendall Libby [:fubar] from comment #1)
> I've stopped replication on the RDS instance.

Thank you :-)

Leaving the bug open to switch off on the SCL3 side. (With the caveat that we'll need to enable something similar again for another node soon, see comment 0).
Yeah, our work would be to remove netflows and users, so there's nothing to be done on our side for this.
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2 years ago
The treeherder-stage RDS instance still had the yellow warning triange next to it's row in the RDS control panel (tooltip of "read replication: stopped").

Looking at: seemed like whilst the `CALL mysql.rds_stop_replication;` must have been run, step 6 was outstanding, so I ran:

CALL mysql.rds_reset_external_master;

This worked - the replication stopped warning has now disappeared.
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