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Add ability to manage like


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(Keywords: feature, Whiteboard: [design-decision-needed][triaged])

Currently, on enterprise use I can bundle existing addons (like AdBlock Plus) to Firefox and control bundled addons via MCD: Mission Control Desktop.
This scheme is based on the preferences system (data store) and MCD (controls stored data).

After XUL ended, addons may use "" as the alternative of the preferences system. However, only the "" (bug 1230802) has ability to be managed by the system administrator. If the addon uses "" or "", the administrator cannot configure addons to match his need. Thus I need something way to control those "unmanaged" storages by the system administrator.
Depends on: 1230802
Whiteboard: [design-decision-needed][triaged]
We don't plan on this API in WebExtensions. Moving over to Firefox to see if that's something that would happen through configuration of other means.
Component: WebExtensions: Untriaged → General
Product: Toolkit → Firefox
This seems a webextensions-specific ability to configure webextensions-specific things. If the webextensions team doesn't think admins should be allowed to control this, does that mean it's wontfix, or did this bug accidentally get swept up in the mass move to Fx::General?
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I think it's about the ability to override WebExtensions storage options, so that if an extension uses or local, that is changed by some Firefox policies. It could be possible that there would be some changes to WebExtensions for this to happen, if it did it probably be in bug 1230802.

But for me this fell into the bucket of bugs that are: as a group administrator I want to be able to configure how Firefox behaves through policies or other things. That's why I moved it out of WebExtensions.
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mkaply, do we have a bucket of enterprise features we track?
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Keywords: feature
> mkaply, do we have a bucket of enterprise features we track?

The only tracking we have is making them dependent on bug 720362 which this bug is.
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Severity: normal → enhancement
Priority: -- → P5

We've added support for using via policy.

That's all we're going to do for this (same as Chrome).

Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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