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[e10s] Tooltip displays wrongly server name "Unavailable" with add-on "Server View"


(Firefox :: Extension Compatibility, defect, P5)

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e10s + ---
firefox50 --- affected


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1) Enable e10s
2) Install
3) Reload the page
4) Click on the add-on icon in the navbar to display the server used by the website

Results: tooltip displays "(Unavailable)" instead of "nginx".
Add-on dev CC'ed.
Have you tried with version 0.0.3?
You can download it from here
(In reply to shinpachinaide from comment #2)
> Have you tried with version 0.0.3?
> You can download it from here

Same issue:
Doesn't WebExtension supposed to be not affected by Electrolysis? That's why I migrated it to WebExtension..

Because I use Firefox as my main browser. I'll wait for Firefox 50 on the release channel to fix it.
Not a surprise, many add-ons are partially broken with e10s enabled, but work perfectly with e10s off.
possible web extensions bug
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this depends on a bug that should be fixed in Fx48.  that being said - using the version 003 attached to bug 1279130 we still see the issue in Nightly (Fx49).  You can either chat with devs in #addons anytime on tuesday or try asking in IRC channel #webextensions.
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The extension is updated on AMO today.
It's working OK here.
Please confirm, thank you.
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Yes, it'sfixed in my Beta profile, I had an old version of "Server View" with e10s enabled and after the update to the latest version, the tooltip displays the server correctly with e10s turned on.
Closed: 6 years ago
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