Numerous false negatives using Body-based quick filters (trash)



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2 years ago
This morning I tried a Body-based quick filter on my Gmail account's Trash folder on 2 Thunderbird 45 installs on Windows 10, using search term "cheal". On the desktop, about 65 messages were listed. On the laptop, only about 25. Obviously, at least one of these was wrong. By the time I could compare the 2 lists, I had deleted numerous messages, and the laptop was listing 125. I thought the laptop might be fixed, but when I compared it with the desktop, I noticed it hadn't moved a bit. For at least an hour now, it only lists 63 messages. And the laptop is still not fixed. I did not do a thorough comparison, but visibly, the laptop still has about 40 false negatives, while the desktop now has about 100. It does not look like there are more than a few false positives (these seem caused by content analysis bugs, so they should affect both machines equally).

Both accounts seem synced. They both list 16186 total mails in the Trash. I picked one of the false negatives on the desktop and verified that it is fully cached. I tried Get Messages, closed the tabs, closed Thunderbird, and - in the laptop's case - even rebooted, without effect.

The laptop's false negatives include the 10 mails from before October 2010 which should match, which come from various senders. The desktop's false negatives include all mails from which I deleted today. As this has visibly nothing to do with mail contents, I won't bother attaching any example unless I am asked to.

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2 years ago
this bug lacks a testcase, and user's account is disabled, so => incomplete
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