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Add per-session and per-site controls to Plugin fallback mechanism


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The plugin fallback mechanism might need UI to allow people to disable it temporarily or permanently for a site, in order to make that website work. This is specially important during a test period where we want to measure how much people will use it, and then these controls might be kept permanently after a wider release.

It needs to be able to:
 - deactivate plugin fallback for a particular page that is loaded  (i.e., fix this once)
 - deactivate plugin fallback for a particular page/site/domain (TBD), always  (i.e., fix this always for this page)

Hopefully we can tie this to the already exisitng click-to-play UI
Blocks: 1282490
Blocks: 1282492
Priority: -- → P2
Blocks: 1282484
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To my understanding, the plan of record right now is that the fallback mechanism itself won't need UI or be user controlled. What the user will control is the global or per-site CTA setting. 

The fallback mechanism will kick automatically based on heuristics, and it's likely that there still will be an about:config pref to configure it.
No longer blocks: 1282484, 1282492
Closed: 8 years ago
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