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[meta] Investigate taskcluster support + github


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User Story

- Bug 1282764 will land initial Taskcluster implementation.

Brain dump of current issues (no particular order, bugs to be filed & referenced here or discussions started in email):

- There are some intermittent failures in the functional tests.

- Add simple doc on generating docker image(s), and how to run them (i.e. by using script from taskcluster).

- [bug 1283161] Would be good to switch both Docker images to be based on Ubuntu 16.14 (being created in bug 1281179). We currently spin our own version for the unit tests and it would be better to base it on an existing "releng-blessed" image.

- [emailed tools-taskcluster - known issue] There's no apparent way to find old runs against a tree, except by the comments in PRs/commits. Appears to be a taskcluster issue, may need integration with treeherder.

- [emailed tools-taskcluster - known issue] There's no easy way to know the current pass/fail state of tests on the tree, without going through the latest commit.

- [bug 1088238, bug 1265871] No known irc/email integration (although there is a pulse system integration that might help).

- [Ask in #taskcluster - dustin is one person, bug 1283824] We need to figure out how to get permissions for retriggers, creating one-time loaner instances etc.

- [bug 1267230] Non-contributors won't have Taskcluster tests run.

- The functional tests should be switch to using a local instance of the server. This would require using taskcluster secrets/private data.
A while ago we started investigating taskcluster support for the github repo, potentially as a way of replacing Travis - especially for functional tests. This bug is to track landing of it (via a different bug), and any follow-up work.

See the user story for more details.
Depends on: 1282764
User Story: (updated)
User Story: (updated)
Depends on: 1283161
User Story: (updated)
User Story: (updated)
Depends on: 1283290
Depends on: 1283820
Depends on: 1283821
Depends on: 1283822
Depends on: 1088238, 1265871
Depends on: 1283824
User Story: (updated)
User Story: (updated)
Depends on: 1267230
Depends on: 1283745
Support for Hello/Loop has been discontinued.

Hence closing the old bugs. Thank you for your support.
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