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To debug websites / apps that open new tabs or windows it would be useful if the Firefox developer tools would support the firebug activation modes [1].

To do network analysis / debugging it actually might be necessary: waiting for the tab to open, reopening the developer tools + network panel for the new tab and reloading the tab often isn't an option as the reload will produce different results from the initial load.

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Seems like an interesting feature to consider!
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Although the title point to "Developer Tools", the main focus and people most interesting in is at "Network" and "Debugger" panels, such feature is well supported in a bunch of tools already but looks pretty difficult(long time missing) to have in both Firefox DevTool and Chrome DevTool, is it possible due to problem with the architecture?
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In Chrome there's a "Auto-open DevTools for popups" preference.

In addition to such a global and/or per-domain setting, it would be perfect to implicitly auto-open developer tools on new windows originating from a window with already opened developer tools. That IMO doesn't need an option on settings, but if it gets an option it should be separate from the more general "Auto-open DevTools for popups" option, and the behaviour could be enabled by default.

Third, as redirects and logs are missed in case of redirects for new pages even with this/these new feature(s), a new window with auto-opened developer tools should implicitly preserve logs and network activity. To avoid any confusion, this should not be achieved by automatically enabling the "preserve logs" checkboxes.

seba, great point on how this relates to preserve logs – the option should indeed preserve as much state as possible to make it seamless. Given how notoriously hard multi-window apps are to debug, I would default to having this option on by default (maybe with a hint the first time it auto-opens a toolbox).

:bgrins, how useful would that be for general Firefox development?

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