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Marionette harness logs exceptions twice in cli() and run()


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As noticed today we do an extra logging for exceptions happening inside of `run()` within the cli. This doesn't seem to be necessary:

As the `cli()` logging message says it should only log exceptions for harness setup but not the execution of tests.

Maja, maybe this came in with your refactoring a couple of months ago?
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Actually the extra logging came in via bug 1227918.
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The logging added via bug 1227918 is necessary, as explained in that bug's summary -- in particular, if there is any issue with the `harness_class` constructor. 

If you want to change how logging is done with respect to test execution versus harness setup, I suppose you could remove the logging message at line 72, since the exception is re-raised anyway, and generalize the message at line 95.
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Whenever an exception is raised while tests are executed, the log error message should only be
printed once. As best this should happen in `cli()`, so that subclasses can better set their
own behavior, and we safe us from re-raising the exception.

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::: testing/marionette/harness/marionette/
(Diff revision 1)
>      """
>      logger = mozlog.commandline.setup_logging('Marionette test runner', {})
>      try:
> -        failed = harness_class(runner_class, parser_class, testcase_class, args=args).run()
> +        harness_instance = harness_class(runner_class, parser_class, testcase_class,
> +                                         args=args)
> +        failed =

I split this line up to make it easier to spot if the exception actually happened during setup or test execution.
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Marionette harness should log exceptions from run() only once. r=maja_zf
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