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Split android debug mochitest-chrome into at least 2 chunks


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Android 4.3 API15+ Debug mochitest-chrome typically takes more than 90 minutes now; adding tests tends to cause timeouts, as in bug 1287455. - almost worked (taskcluster only), but ran into some trouble with the test's there, but retrieved late?
Bug 1288501 will allow calling the android mozharness script,, with --this-chunk / --total-chunk, just like desktop. Specifying --total-chunk over-rides the total chunks in the mozharness configuration.

This patch switches over to using --this-chunk / --total-chunk for Android, and then adds 2 chunks for mochitest-chrome on debug only. shows this in action, with 2 tc debug mochitest-chrome jobs while buildbot jobs continue to run as they were.
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split tc android 4.3 debug mochitest-chrome into 2 chunks

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Huh, it ate my comment:

OK, I guess the "GRINNING CAT FACE WITH SMILING EYES" emoji causes bugzilla to not render that line.
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Split TC Android debug mochitest-chrome into 2 chunks and specify chunks explicitly; r=dustin
TC Android 4.3 Debug mochitest-chrome in 2 chunks completes in about 45 minutes per chunk.

Buildbot Android 4.3 Debug mochitest-chrome no longer runs on trunk.

TC Android 4.3 Opt mochitest-chrome, in 1 chunk, completes in about 45 minutes.

Buildbot Android 4.3 Opt mochitest-chrome, in 1 chunk, completes in about 100 minutes. That's a little worrying, but I don't see any current timeouts, and these jobs may also be short-lived (in favor of TC), so I'm not going to make any changes there right now.
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