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re-enable dom/browser-element/mochitest/chrome.ini


(Firefox for Android :: Testing, defect, P2)




Firefox 53
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firefox53 --- fixed


(Reporter: gerard-majax, Assigned: gbrown)



In bug 1287455 we disabled them because it was taking too long to run the mochitest-chrome test suite
Depends on: 1287831
Assignee: nobody → gbrown looks okay. There is now plenty of time on taskcluster; on buildbot-based opt, mochitest-chrome is running long, but not quite timing out. Let's give that a try.
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Enable dom/browser-element mochitest-chrome tests on Android; r=me
Backed out with for causing failures like - intermittent application timeouts in buildbot Android 4.3 opt mochitest-chrome.

We could land a buildbot patch to increase the number of mochitest-chrome chunks, but that would not be simple because the mozharness configs on aurora, beta, etc would also need to be updated.

I think I would prefer to wait until the buildbot Android tests are retired, then simply re-land the manifest patch. (If enabling these tests is urgent, needinfo me.)
Priority: -- → P2
Buildbot Android tests were recently retired; these should be fine on taskcluster.
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Enable dom/browser-element mochitest-chrome tests on Android; r=me
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 53
Depends on: 1332850
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