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[e10s-multi] We need a new test for the multiple content process cases to extend browser_crashedTabs.js


(Firefox :: Session Restore, defect)

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Firefox 54
54.3 - Mar 6
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firefox54 --- fixed


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In Bug 1285941 the decision was to keep the old tests for the cases where all the tabs are from the same process and invent some new tests for the cases where the tabs are from different content processes.
Whiteboard: [e10s-multi:?]
Whiteboard: [e10s-multi:?] → [e10s-multi:M1]
Blocks: e10s-multi-aurora
No longer blocks: 1303113
Sort this bug as ss-reliability(Bug 1330633), however could be ss-perf(Bug 1330635) as well from e10s standpoint.
Depends on: ss-reliability
It's blocking ss-reliability, not depend.
No longer depends on: ss-reliability
I think the tests Mike added for bg tabs should already cover this bug (browser_background_tab_crash.js). I've enabled multi for this test with some fixes, and I experienced an intermittent exception that can cause failures so I guarded those too.
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fixing tabcrash test for multi

The test changes look good to me. I'm not a peer in browser/, though, so I'm deferring that part of the review to Felipe.
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Fixing crashedTabs test for e10s-multi. r=mrbkap
backed out for eslint failure like
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Backed out changeset 59d4978e8726 for eslint failure
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Fixing crashedTabs test for e10s-multi. r=mrbkap r=felipc
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