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Analyze sync activity of user's who have reset their password


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(Whiteboard: [sync-metrics])

We believe users who reset their password, especially single device users, may have a bad experience. We don't know how this affects their sync usage.

Before we decide what a good metric to track is, it will be helpful to look at the data in a more raw form to see what patterns and relationships there are. From there hopefully we can identify a metric that we can strive to improve.

Questions to answer:

- what's the difference in activity before and after a reset?
  - days of usage
  - amount of data synced
  - number of active devices
- are there different patterns in those numbers between single and multi-device users?
- what do good and bad reset experiences look like in the data?


- Gather all the device_activity for 1 week prior and after a reset for a set of users.
- Divide users into single and multi device groups (before reset)
- Identify obvious cases of bad and good experiences
- Compare data of each user from those cases
- Identify criteria an bounds for tracking metric(s)
Priority: -- → P3
Duplicate of this bug: 1239517
Blocks: 1465313
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