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3 years ago
It seems some folks are not happy with the new awesomebar in 48. I've investigated the reasons behind this.

New awesomebar is very nice indeed. However, there are some improvements that could be done to make things clear to the users.

* The "Visit" option at the top should look clearly different from other options.
* The URIs could be aligned, because in the current design it is difficult to tell the addresses at the first glance.

Now (Chaotic mix of titles and addresses:
<input box here>
------------------------------------ -- Visit    <--- (1)
 ()  Mozilla  --
 ()  [Proposal] Isolated content environment - Add-ons / Development - Mozilla Dis...  --
 () --

<input box here>
------------------------------------ -- Visit    <--- (1) Mark differently (color, icon, font, border, etc. ??)
 ()  Mozilla                                              --
 ()  [Proposal] Isolated content environment - Add-on...  --
 ()                                 --

No need to revert things (See bug 1291361)

> any other browser in the market...
Probably Firefox should be the better browser than any other browser in the market!


3 years ago
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Some bugs are covering some of this:
We were also investigating other alignment options, but I can't find the bug atm, so let's just keep this bug to cover that for now.

Regarding the "visit" entry, we should rather figure a way to implement bug 1235397.
Though, I'd be interesting in knowing why you think making that line "different" in color would help, wouldn't that make it even more jumping at users complaining about its existence?
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Morphing this bug per Marco's comment 1 to only cover the two column layout. When we had discussed the two column layout before shipping a few months ago, I remember there was a minority view that a dynamic determination of the split might be workable. Stephen do you feel like this is something you could think about?
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Summary: Awesomebar usability improvements → Consider a two column layout for the awesomebar results
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3 years ago
See Also: → 1280700

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3 years ago
due to distance between title and URL, this proposal would almost certainly require at least alternating row colors to make it easier for users to see which URLs are associated with which titles. personally, I think it would be better to put the url on a second line (as it was before).
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