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CSS "word-break: keep-all;" fails to break the text at CJK punctuations


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Steps to reproduce:

See the attachment issue_demo.html.

According to CSS3 spec, a CJK punctuation char, such as ",", "。", etc, should be a candidate for word break when "word-break: keep-all;" is declared. Both IE and Chrome implement "word-break: keep-all;" in this way, but Firefox does not.

Actual results:

The text is never wrapped at a CJK punctuation such as  ",", "。", etc.

Expected results:

The text should be wrapped at a CJK punctuation, such as  ",", "。", etc, if it exceeds the element width.
Summary: CSS "word-break: keep-all;" fails to break at CJK punctuations → CSS "word-break: keep-all;" fails to break the text at CJK punctuations
Attachment #8779227 - Attachment description: Expected behavior: text breakable at CJK punctuatons → Expected behavior: text wrappable at CJK punctuatons
Attachment #8779228 - Attachment description: Actual behavior: text not breakable at CJK punctuatons → Actual behavior: text not wrappable at CJK punctuatons
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work-break was added by bug 249159
。 (U+3002) is mentioned bug 249159 comment #40
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Product: Firefox → Core
See Also: → 249159
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Component: CSS Parsing and Computation → Layout: Text
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