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Spell checker thinks "adoptee" is a misspelling


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Visit
2. Type "adoptee" into the text box

Actual results:

 Squiggly red underline indicating misspelling

Expected results:

No squiggly red underline indicating misspelling.

For reference for the spelling of "adoptee", please see or

(currently I am unable to install Xcode on my machine otherwise I would follow the MDN procedure for adding a new word to the en-US dictionary.)
Component: Untriaged → Spelling checker
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Product: Firefox → Core
We should add this since it seems common enough, has a high SCOWL rating and is in en_US-large:;words=adoptee
Flags: needinfo?(jorgk)
Hi, I was finally able to get my dev environment set up on my computer and I am trying to add the word per instructions here:

I am using mozilla-central via: hg clone

I am able to successfully add the word to "5-mozilla-added" but when I quit my editor and try to run the command "sh merge-dictionaries" as described in the above tutorial from the directory extensions/spellcheck/locales/en-US/hunspell/dictionary-sources it says: "sh: merge-dictionaries: No such file or directory"

I see that there is a "make-new-dict" and "install-new-dict" in the directory but not "merge-dictionaries". What am I missing here to merge the word I added and proceed with moving the revised dictionary file? Any help is greatly appreciated.
To add a single word to the dictionary, add it to en-US.dic and don't forget to increase the count at the very top. This change here is a two-liner.

All those scripts are for bulk import of new dictionaries from the upstream source (SCOWL).

For your case, see
as an example of a single word addition.
Actually, you should add this line:
The suffixes M and S are for plural (adoptees) and possessive form (adoptee's) (or vice versa).
Fantastic. Thank you for clarifying and sharing the example.
My apologies but I was not able to submit patch via bzexport. Kept receiving the error: "abort: Local changes found; refresh first!" after running hg bzexport -e

Proposed patch for spelling checker has been edited per instructions in comments.

I would like to streamline this process for future additions. Any help or documentation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your patience
You need to attach a patch for review, not the edited file.

You can use mercurial queues to create one:
hg qnew -m "Bug 1293704 - added adoptee/MS. r=ehsan" 1293704.patch.

Your reviewer will be Ehsan (
All set now. When I tried mercurial's qnew previously, I received "hg: unknown command 'qnew'" because I had mq disabled. Enabled mq and was able to create patch. Will attach patch file. Thanks!
Attachment #8793850 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attachment #8793880 - Flags: review?(ehsan)
Comment on attachment 8793880 [details] [diff] [review]
Proposed Patch - Added adoptee/MS to spelling checker

Please check patches before attaching them for review.

Did you not see that you saved the file as UTF-8 where it was ANSI encoded before? You destroyed every single word with an accent, and you can see it in the patch, just look:
Attachment #8793880 - Flags: review?(ehsan) → review-
Apologies - amateur mistake. My editor defaulted to UTF-8. Will resubmit
Updated proposed patch with correct encoding format. Thank you for your patience.
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Comment on attachment 8793967 [details] [diff] [review]
Proposed Patch - Added adoptee/MS to spelling checker

Yep ;-)
Attachment #8793967 - Flags: feedback+
Actually, you don't seem to have Mercurial set up correctly. To land the patch, it needs the author noted in it. My patches for example look have this:

# HG changeset patch
# User Jorg K <>
# Parent  5644818538de2413cce52551e32b025e6c7e352e
Bug 301712 - Remove uncommon proper names, remove unneeded words. r=ehsan

Another question. When this bug is done, maybe we can interest you in bug 1255327. That's a little harder since you'd have to add canonicalization/MS and also the verb, canonicalize which comes with the usual suffixes:
canonicalized, canonicalizes, canonicalizing.
Hmmn - Looks like on my Global Config ("$HOME/.hgrc"): 
username = m-r-m-s <>

but local repository at mozilla-central/.hg/hgrc is an example configuration file. I guess that is overriding global config? Will try and sort out and resubmit. 

Yes, I am interested in bug 1255327 once this bug is complete
I have that in mercurial.ini
Comment on attachment 8793967 [details] [diff] [review]
Proposed Patch - Added adoptee/MS to spelling checker

Review of attachment 8793967 [details] [diff] [review]:

Attachment #8793967 - Flags: review?(ehsan) → review+
(In reply to litewrite from comment #16)
> Will try and sort out and resubmit. 

Coming up?

When you do, you can add the review+ yourself and add as a comment:
Added user name to patch. Carrying forward Ehsan's r+.
Then you need to add the keyword "checkin-needed" so a sheriff will take the patch and commit it to the code base.
Assignee: nobody → litewrite
Ever confirmed: true
Spent most of yesterday trying to figure out why User comments weren't being included in patch despite having the [ui] populated in my .hgrc file (mac os x equilvalent of the mercurial.ini). Still had no success. Added the User comments manually to patch, then did a "hg qrefresh". I will re-submit here shortly per your most recent instructions. Really appreciate all the help so far!
Added user name to patch. Carrying forward Ehsan's r+.
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Keywords: checkin-needed
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