Keep track of which login is filled into a FormLike so we know it's not a new login when used on a different origin




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In bug 1200472 and others we want to fill a login from an origin other than the one it's saved for but likely don't want to prompt to save it as a new login for that new origin upon submission. If we keep track of the guid of the login we filled then we can lookup that login and see if the username+password match upon submission to know whether to prompt or not. The state can probably be saved on the FormLike objects in _formLikeByRootElement.

Possible implementation:
1) Have LoginManagerContent.jsm's _fillForm record the guid of the filled login on the FormLike in _formLikeByRootElement.
2) Upon submission, lookup if a login was filled in _formLikeByRootElement. If so, check that the username and password matched the captured ones (in case the user corrected/changed the fields after filling) and if they match then don't prompt to remember the login as a new one.

We may want to also handle password changes where the username is the same but that may be fine in a follow-up depending on the implementation details/complexity. 

In the future we may want to track that we should auto-fill this login on this new origin but that can be left to a follow-up
Hi Saad, can you please attach the progress you made so far even if it's not in a working state? Johann was interested in finishing it up. The same applies to your other bug too btw.

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I guess I'll start from scratch…
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I'm going to implement only the minimal subset of this in bug 1330111 which is saving which username and password were filled. This bug will still have to handle sending that data through the prompt code and avoiding saving if it's a known login. WIP patch coming up.
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Matt, what version of Firefox do we need to complete this bug for.  Firefox 54?  With maybe an uplift to 53.  Or can it wait until later?
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It's not targeting a specific version.
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