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Remove tc prefix from lint jobs


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I don't like the 'tc' group name convention. I can understand it for platforms where we have a mix of buildbot/taskcluster jobs, but for platforms that are 100% taskcluster, the prefix is unnecessary and results in more cargo culting. The 'lint opt' platform is one of these.
For some reason the patch in this try run (changing 'tc' to '?') didn't work:

Removing groupSymbol altogether also didn't work. Dustin, do you know how to remove the tc groupSymbol?
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Cameron, it appears that this job has the group symbol "?" but it still appears in the tc group.  Do you know what the default behavior is for that group symbol and how to get a job to not be in the tc() grouping?
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Speaking of cargo culting, I added the Sphinx documentation job to the "lint opt" platform because I didn't want to add a new row to Treeherder. There are jobs most definitely not associated with any single platform (including Sphinx and lint). I'm not sure if we should rename the whole thing "misc" for now until we have enough tasks to split into multiple rows or what.

(There will also be tasks for `mach bootstrap` which don't fit well in any platform.)
Yeah, I think it was jgraham who suggested we call it 'source' or something similar.. i.e jobs that just need a source checkout but aren't tied to any particular build or platform. If we make that change, I would modify the groupSymbol for these to be 'lint' instead of 'tc'.

I previously filed bug 1291689, we can rename the title there if people agree.
Looking into how the "tc" prefix is added now...  

But fwiw, it's also possible to filter on "build system" in the UI.  Go into Filters drop-down and add a new field filter for "build system" value: "taskcluster".  Then you'll only see taskcluster jobs.  Same deal for "buildbot"

The url will end up something like this:
Unfortunately, this is yet another example of hitting bug 1215587.  I can fix this occurance in the DB, but we really need to address that bug.  I have a few things on my plate first, but will try to hit that as soon as I can.
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I have fixed those job_types so they won't be in the "tc" group any longer.  But it sounds like we may want to  move more of them out.  Of course, if we can get to fixing bug 1215587, then it'll take whatever group you set in your tasks.  I will try to get to that soon-ish.  But I can't even promise this quarter, tbh.  I have several items in line before it..  :(
Thanks Cam!

I clarified on irc that this happens when you change a job's groupSymbol (treeherder doesn't re-read the value from configs after saving it to the db). So Cam updated the value in the db, i.e the groupSymbol change is already live. I still need to land the config changes though, otherwise the groupSymbol will revert back when bug 1215587 gets fixed.
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Bug 1295962 - Remove 'tc' groupSymbol for tasks on the 'lint opt' platform,
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Remove 'tc' groupSymbol for tasks on the 'lint opt' platform, r=garndt
Actually, it looks like just the wpt lint jobs had the 'tc' symbol removed:

Cam, would you mind also updating the ES, MH and f8 jobs as well? Or I guess I can just wait for bug 1215587 too.
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If I recall, Armen had some good reasons for the "tc-" prefix.

As for platforms, those checks are mostly now in the "source-checks" kind in my work on bug 1286075 (egads I wish I had more time to spend on that..!!), so that might be a good name for the platform.  In general, platforms are a mess, but I'd like to defer work on that until bug 1286086.  Adding a "source-check" platform now is fine, but fixing the world will conflict substantially with bug 1286075.
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Looks like this is closed out now.  If you can wait, that'd be awesome.  I'll try to get to that bug before very long.
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If I did have a preference for it I can't think of why it would be important.
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(In reply to Cameron Dawson [:camd] from comment #15)
> Looks like this is closed out now.  If you can wait, that'd be awesome. 
> I'll try to get to that bug before very long.

Sure, we can wait. No worries.

(In reply to Armen Zambrano [:armenzg] (EDT/UTC-4) from comment #16)
> If I did have a preference for it I can't think of why it would be important.

I think it's important if we're running the same job both with buildbot and taskcluster side by side (i.e while initially standing them up). But as long as the job is *only* being run with taskcluster on the given platform, I don't think it adds much value.
We can reopen this bug now.  The bug preventing it from working has been fixed now.  Is this something you'd still like to do?
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This bug was just for the lint jobs, and it did get fixed already. I think you meant to comment on bug 1386857. But also yes, I'd love if the tc prefixes were removed in general :)
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