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WebExtension popups include the page URL in the window title




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Steps to reproduce:

When I create a window with a local extension page the title of the window shows the url, and then the page title.{ url: chrome.extension.getURL('compare.html'), type: "popup", state: 'maximized' });

compare.html include:

Actual results:

Visible title of window is : 'moz-extension://extension-id - Compare'

Expected results:

The expected behavior from chrome is for window only display the page title, and not the url preceding: 'Compare'


11 months ago
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11 months ago
Summary: WebExtensions Title of page includes page url (ugly) → WebExtension popups include the page URL in the window title


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10 months ago
Duplicate of this bug: 1305032
To be discussed at Dec. 13, 2016 WE triage meeting. 


Comment 3

7 months ago
We've been trying to make it clear that when something happens, the reason for it is clear to the end user. The ability to create a popup with no URL bar means that there could be absolutely no info to the user. 

In bug 1266012 we show the add-on in the URL bar and in bug 1318144 we show the add-on in the ID. I think we should continue the trend and the page title should contain Extension: [Extension name] - Page title. Much nicer than showing moz-extension and more informative to the end user.

Just pinging dveditz to check that sounds right.
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The main thing we're trying to accomplish with the URL bar for web page popups is to prevent spoofing/phishing by showing exactly where the content originated from. The URL for a web extension doesn't convey much to a user except "this is an extension" so we don't need to show that as long as the popup can't be confused with one from a web page. Your proposal sounds like it does that. If it's not explicitly it doesn't even really need a URL bar; a panel with some title text would do (plus the "Extension:" prefix), which seems to be what this bug is asking for.

bug 1318144 is not right; bug 1318114 is maybe what you meant?
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Comment 5

7 months ago
> bug 1318144 is not right; bug 1318114 is maybe what you meant?

Thanks for the correction and clarity. Sounds like we are good to go with this.


6 months ago
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