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Stop using a submodule for UI


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Discussed with :bhearsum over IRC. With the current docker image implementation, we can easily manually test Balrog from an end to another. Also, having the UI in its own repo makes changes that affect both front-end and back-end harder.

We can now put the UI in the main repo, without using a submodule. One way to achieve that could be to transfer the commits from one repo to another. See [1] for more details about the implementation.

Side note: Let's wait until the number of active PRs reaches 0. Otherwise, they'll have to be heavily edited before creating a new PR in the main repo.

One request from :bhearsum, on IRC:
> i'd prefer that everything prior to
> is squashed together - most of the stuff before that is early development, and
> i don't think there's any value to preserving its commit-by-commit history
Blocks: 1299213
I found the reason of the tests hanging. Lineman delegates the test execution to testem. Per [1], it must be present in node_modules/.bin. That wasn't the case in the Docker image. I added it to packages.json.

I also added "phantom-prebuilt". This packages makes sure PhantomJS is in $PATH by downloading it.

Tests are now running and passing [2].

Review suggestions:
* Look at the commit tree
* See diff for HEAD and HEAD~2 (HEAD~1 being the merge commit).

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Review suggestions:
* every file but .gitignore .gitkeep and are deleted
* .gitignore filters out everything
* .gitkeep still let be in the repo
* points people to the new location of the UI (which doesn't exist until the balrog PR is merged)
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