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Implement support for $0 and inspect bindings in devtools.inspectedWindow.eval

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7 months ago
3 months ago


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7 months ago
The goal of this issue is introducing, in the devtools.inspectedWindow.eval method, support for the $0 and inspect bindings.

These two bindings should provide, basically as supported by the webconsole actor, the reference to the DOM element currently selected in the Inspector tool associated to the "$0" identifier, and an `inspect` helper method (that select the DOM element passed as parameter in the Inspector tool and switch to the Inspector panel).

The $0 bindings is often used by devtools addons to get informations from the currently selected node in the inspector, the `inspect` helper method to open a DOM element in the Inspector (both these bindings provide a basic but effective integration between the addon panels and the integrated)

The $0 and inspect bindings should be implemented taking into account that the connection that the WebExtension devtools contexts  (e.g. the devtools_page and the devtools_panel) is not the same connection used by the integrated developer tools (which means that the actor ID that we can retrieve from the devtools target instance used by the integrated developer tools has to be translated into an valid actor ID for the connection associated to that particular context).


7 months ago
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Depends on: 1300584
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7 months ago
Whiteboard: [devtools.inspectedWindow] triaged
Keywords: dev-doc-needed

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5 months ago
I'm giving a beer to the dev that implements this. 5$ on Bountysource :) I know it's not much but I can't wait for Chrome DevTools extensions to work in Firefox also :) I might increase the amount in the future.


3 months ago
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3 months ago
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