Support DevTools Addons on developer toolboxes connected to remote tabs

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a year ago
The initial version of the DevTools API is going to support the customization of developer toolboxes connected to a local tab (the regular developer toolbox available for webpages loaded in a local Firefox tab).

The goal of this issue is to analyze the additional issues (and the  changes needed) related to make the DevTools Addons created using the WebExtensions API able to support customizations of developer toolboxes connected to remote targets (in particular tabs opened on Firefox for Android).


a year ago
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8 months ago
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:mstange and I discussed something similar a few months ago, and I filed bug 1351533 to do the minimum work of exposing WebIDE's runtime data for a connection.  It wouldn't be accessible to a WebExtension, but perhaps this bug might want something similar.
See Also: → bug 1351533
We'll want to use the runtime data exposed by bug 1351533 for the internal implementation of the remote profiler WebExtension API in bug 1371003: The profiler API has a way to ask for symbol tables, and in order to get that symbol information, we'll need to pull libraries from the device.


7 months ago
Assignee: nobody → dothayer

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7 months ago
How far do we want to go on this? I'm interested in it purely for the Gecko Profiler, which just needs to make a panel and then use some APIs that aren't made yet, but nonetheless I have a patch ready that implements everything other than tabId. tabId is tricky because at that point everything else outside of devtools that uses tab IDs needs to be capable of interacting with remote tabs. For this reason I separated out devtools_page from a remote_devtools_page, so that remote tab access is opt-in, so as to not break any assumptions of existing extensions.
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