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about:debugging: show detailed service worker registration status


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Follow up to bug 1153292.

In Bug 1153292, we added a basic status information for service worker registrations in about:debugging, displaying 3 states:
- registering
- running 
- stopped

"registering" actually covers all the states from waiting to installed. 
To display the accurate state of the sw-registration, we need to wait for the sw implementation to be improved in e10s mode.

As of today in e10s, we only receive registrations which are in active state, and workers in activated state.
(re: being able to get waiting,installing,activating service worker registrations in e10s)

(In reply to Ben Kelly [Mostly PTO, back Oct 10][:bkelly] from Bug 1153292 comment #28)
> I'm fairly certain this is due to an issue :asuth pointed out to me
> recently.  We only propagate activated service workers across process
> boundaries.  We don't propagate other state changes.
> I think you will probably need to wait to implement this until we move the
> SWM to the parent process.

Andrew : Is there a bug we can follow to know when this will be implemented?
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See Also: → 1153292
(In reply to Julian Descottes [:jdescottes] from comment #1)
> Andrew : Is there a bug we can follow to know when this will be implemented?

bug 1231208 is the meta bug to watch in general.  bug 1182117 (blocking the meta bug) has the right name, and may become a sub-meta bug in the near future.  bug 1231216 is where I am actively working to remote ServiceWorkerPrivate, but other bugs (that will be) tracked by the meta's will need to be fixed as well.
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about:debugging triage, filter on OBSOLETE HANDHELD
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Mass wontfix for bugs affecting firefox 52.
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