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Make sure that activity stream panel is accessible (a11y friendly)


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Firefox 52
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Our current top sites panel can be navigated using Talkback / the Voice Assistant. We should make sure that this is still true for the new AS panel.
Whiteboard: [MobileAS]
Assignee: nobody → ahunt
Iteration: --- → 1.8
Priority: P2 → P1
Blocks: 1315197
I'll use this bug to fix the most glaring / low-hanging issues. I've filed bug 1315197 to look into improving topsites, since that's a bit more tricky and I don't have any good solutions there yet.

Issues I'll tackle here:
- Menu buttons are non-accessible (no description)
- "Highlights" title comes directly before the topsites list (i.e. after you swipe through the top sites / history / bookmarks, Talkback proceeds to the highlights title, and then continues with the individual topsites)

More evaluation required:
- Talkback can walk through topsites, however the topsites pager doesn't automatically scroll. I.e. it once you have walked through the topsites on screen, the off-screen topsites will be described (but you can't see them).
-- Option 1: force the ViewPager to automatically scroll: I've been trying to do this, but it doesn't work satisfactorily.
-- Option 2: switch to something different. (RecyclerView has good auto-scrolling behaviour, as visible when going through highlights - but we'd need to use RecyclerView + LinearSnapHelper or similar to keep the paging behaviour, and that requires support library >= 24.2).
-- Option 3: make the paging behaviour more explicit?

I feel like it would be good to get an accessibility expert look at topsites to determine what good behaviour would be.
I also added another bug to look at the menus: Bug 1315201.
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Bug 1312434 - Post: cleanup obsolete layout params
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Bug 1312434 - add ContentDescription to Activity Stream menus and topsites
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Move Highlights title into separate RV item for better accessibility traversal r=sebastian
add ContentDescription to Activity Stream menus and topsites r=sebastian
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Bug 1312434 - Post: cleanup obsolete layout params
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Post: cleanup obsolete layout params r=sebastian
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