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Clean up more issues found by eslint no-undef rule


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Scanning through the current browser/ errors raised when no-undef is enabled, there's a few obvious things that we can do:

- Add .eslintrc.js to some more test directories.
- Fix various minor errors raised by the no-undef rule. Only one of these would have been an actual issue (in translation.js) however that code is not enabled by default at the moment.
Additional note: domplate_test.js seemed to be for domplate.jsm which has been removed from the tree (not sure when).

Also the two "global sinon" additions in the head.js files for syncedtabs mean that sinon gets defined - we don't currently handle loader.loadSubScript so this seems a resonable work around for now.
I've just added a couple more global definitions from the testing/xpcshell/head.js.

Overall this patch resolves about 2740 undef errors out of 7779 in browser/. I think that's mainly due to the addition of the .eslintrc.js files.
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Bug 1313626 - Clean up more issues found by eslint no-undef rule.

Straightforward enough. Some nice catches in here.
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Clean up more issues found by eslint no-undef rule. r=mossop
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